First NuffNang Cheque

After waiting for almost 2 months, finally received my First payout from Nuffnang.

The payout amount is not big, only S$50.72, after deducted S$1 transaction fee.

I don’t earn big money from Nuffnang, the most get one or two CPM campaigns per month that generating low earnings.

Nuffnang Cheque

I would like to suggest Nuffnang to use fund transfer facility in Internet Banking

This would cut down operations overhead in sending paper cheque.

According to UOB, the bank will charges clearing fees of S$0.50 per cheque for all business current accounts.

Instead of sending Thank You letter to members, Nuffnang can save postage cost by sending it to our email account. This small step can help to save more trees too.

By doing so, this could translates higher payout ratio to its member.

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2 comments on “First NuffNang Cheque
  1. sotong says:

    Silly, why would they want setup any bank transfer facility to allow you to withdraw money easily? They want to make it more difficult for you to withdraw. The more difficult it is for you, the longer the money stays in their coffer. The longer the money stays in their coffer, the longer they can use the money for other purposes or even put it into their own pocket and treat it like their wages. So when time comes to pay you a few months later, they would had made more money and could had use those money to pay you or those money that belongs to you had made them more money and had generated enough investment elsewhere.

    If you noticed, Advertlets had also use this method. Infact it’s widely used by many other companies. It’s sheer exploitation. I’m surprise there isn’t a body setup to regulate such a relationship between payers and payees.

  2. hanneng says:

    Many US-based Internet advertising media companies uses PayPal for payment, and minimum payout is as low as $10.

    If US-based Internet media companies can do that, why can’t local companies do the same?

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