Entrepreneur. Why Not?

Recently, I was invited by a friend to an entrepreneur workshop.

In the workshop, the speaker share with us many reasons for wanting to start own business.

  • We want freedom from day to day job.
  • Doing what we want
  • Improve our living standard.
  • We want to fully use my skills, knowledge and education.
  • We want to have more time with family.
  • We want to be my own boss.
  • We want to make the decisions.
  • In fact, one reason is a good enough for us to start own business.

    I don’t know about others, but I’m start getting tired of the nine to six rat race and are thinking about starting own business.

    I keep thinking about this, because I understand that I will never be freedom when living monthly salary. But what business would I want to start?

    eBay Entrepreneur

    Before quit your day job to start business, take the time to evaluate yourself and think the process through step by step.

    Get some papers and pen, and start writing down questions like: “What, Why, When, Where and How?”
    Refer to this basic guide for beginners to do planning.

    Write down all your possible answers to the questions. Note down everything, no matter how silly or unimportant. Put all your ideas and desires on paper that answers any of the questions.

    By the time you have completes all that, you should consider attending ACE entrepreneurship training and workshops to learn about entrepreneurship and create networking opportunities that can help you to execute you plan.

    ACE Why Not?

    Currently, ACE is running a nationwide contest for the public to send in ideas on how to increase Singapore’s attractiveness to do businesses and encourage more entrepreneurs to step out comfort zone to venture overseas.

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