Elastic Compute Service Pricing Comparison

Comparing cloud pricing is quite a complicated task. It can be difficult to make apple-to-apple comparisons because respective cloud providers offer different pricing models, discount and promotion offer.

This article is just to start with a simple and basic compute engine or virtual machine offered by Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure and Google’s GCP.

Basic requirement
A VM with 1 vCPU, 1GB Memory, 40GB SSD and located in Singapore
Excluding free tier

Cloud Service ProviderAlibaba Cloud ECSAWS EC2Azure VMGCP Compute Engine
Compute Service1 Core CPU
1GB Memory
1TB Data Transfer
1 vCPU
1 GB Memory
1 Core CPU
1GB Memory
1 vCPU
3.75GB Memory
Disk Size40GB SSD Cloud Disk40GB General Purpose SSDStandard S4 32GB Disk40GB SSD storage
Max Cost Per MonthUSD $4.5/monthUSD $15.49/monthUSD $11.42/monthUSD $37.42/month
  1. Cost for Alibaba Cloud ECS Starter is the lower cost, fixed at $4.50/month
    Alibaba Cloud ECS Starter is cheaper

  2. AWS’s Elastic Compute Cloud monthly cost is between $11.44 (On Demand) and $15.49 (1 Year No Upfront Reserved)
    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Pricing

  3. Azure Virtual Machine monthly cost is $7.70 with 1 year reserved options or $11.42 Pay as you go.
    Azure Virtual Machine Pricing

  4. Google’ GCP Compute Engine monthly cost is $37.19, however you can get 30% net discount for instances that run the entire month.
    Google GCP pricing

This comparison excludes Data Transfer, Load Balancing, etc

You’re welcome to leave comment on the compute engine pricing below.

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