Earn More SMRT$ Rebate with Citibank SMRT Credit Card

My friend told me, we could use Citibank SMRT credit card to make micro-payment at some retail outlets, and earn more SMRT$ rebate.

I thought auto top-up ez-link cards can’t be used at retail outlets, and only be used for public transport. Previously, I did tried to tap Citibank SMRT credit card (come with the ez-link purse) to pay library fine and McDonald meal, but the transactions failed to go through.

Actually, you can upgrade the Citibank SMRT credit card for use at retail outlets that accept ezlink card payment, like 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, National Library, and refer to this link for full list.

All you need to do is, use the General Ticketing Machines at MRT stations to do a cash top-up to Citibank SMRT credit card.

Here the receipt shown my Citibank SMRT credit card has been upgraded.
Citibank SMRT credit card

Why use Citibank SMRT ezlink purse for micro-payment?

Because the Citibank SMRT$ rebate!

As we know, we can earn up to 2% rebate on ez-link auto top-up transactions. The quicker we used-up the stored value on the ez-link purse, the more chances to increase auto top-up transactions. Effectively, each $50 auto top-up charged to Citibank SMRT Visa card, could earn $0.50 or $0.75 rebates, after deducting $0.25 convenience fee.

According to this post at hardwarezone, you can also settle for HSBC credit card bill using ezlink card at 7-Eleven. Indirectly, paying a credit card bill with Citibank SMRT credit card and earn more SMRT$ rebate.

Now I can make small purchases using Citibank SMRT ezlink purse.

Citibank SMRT credit card

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