Dump Advertlets and I love You, NuffNang?

I believe, many bloggers have received email from NuffNang about their exclusive program, namely Nuffnang Gliterrati.

I don’t want to repeat the details here, you can read, here, here, here, here, here and the official page.

To me, this is like, once you accepted NuffNang’s marriage proposal, you cannot stick with other guys or girls anymore. 🙂

If NuffNang’s private investigator crawlers found out that you dating with others guys/girls, NuffNang will divorce remove you from the club.

As of 21:00, the result of the poll: Will You Use Advertlets Again?, shows that 58% won’t return to Advertlets.

Will You Use Advertlets

For those bloggers who voted NO, will you say: I DO to NuffNang’s proposal?

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6 comments on “Dump Advertlets and I love You, NuffNang?
  1. chengsun says:

    I think, maybe I will not…

  2. WishBoNe says:

    I think I agree with chengsun. It’s too limited. Why should I have only Nuffnang and be unable to have variety of ads for my readers?

  3. khairilhusni says:

    good idea from nuffnang.
    but, u think how much nuffnang afford to pay per month if i remove other ads? and what happen if nuffnang down?

  4. motd says:

    If there ads coming in from Nuffnang after joining the club, then it will be a good thing. What if there aren’t any?

    Then you will just be playing the waiting game. As all internet marketing experts will say,”never put all your eggs in one basket.”

    I’m still considering my options at this point of time.

  5. People are too impatient these days. They want results fast but sometimes bad things do cropped up. Josh has apologised and explained, just give him some time to sort things out.

    I’m keeping Advertlets.

  6. iCalvyn says:

    can i said yes to both? which one i support? haha. see my ads placement already know

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