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Two weeks ago, I took Beta exams for SQL Server 2008 (71-450: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 : Designing, Optimizing, and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution).

There were no preparation guides or resources available for me to prepare for the exams. I simply took the beta exam based on what I know and some working experience in handling SQL 2000/2005.

The exam score will not available immediately after finished the exam. We will receive the score reports 8 weeks after the beta period ends, probably in mid of November 08.

If I can pass this beta exam, I will earn credit towards Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator 2008.

SQL 2008

A friend contacted me couple of days ago, to ask for tips & resources.

While googling the web for some SQL Server 2008 resources, I found a few books that I would like to share:

Apress Accelerated SQL Server 2008
Apress Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Good Luck, Steven Cheong.

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4 comments on “Download SQL 2008 Books
  1. keeyit says:

    I know basic SQL statements such as select, where, update, insert, delete.. Those inner join select statement totally do not know how to write.. haha..

  2. iCalvyn says:

    hooray, thank for the book, although not plan to take the exam, but would like to read for my own knowledge…

  3. steven says:

    many thks for the ebooks and tips on the exam. they are really useful for my exam. hope got the lucks to pass the exam on 16 sep after all my best studies..

  4. steven says:

    just taken the exam. quite ok and ‘close to’ sql 2005 questions. lots of backup restory , db mirror, log shipping, replication questions, performance questions,ddl,trigger,dml,ssis. I guess is quite same to your exam.

    Let’s hope got luck to pass it la since it is a beta exam !!! let’s pray. It takes a bit too long la. ~8 weeks.

    For sap exam, pro and cons, the results is immediately POP on our screen after the exam

    email me know too once u got your results and good luck man. 🙂


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