Don’t Risk Losing Your Internet Assets

Just got an email reminder from the domain registrar, that one of my domain going to expire this month.

What happen when you forgot to renew domain on time? Ask Josh.

So, how can you protect your Internet assets?

1) Keep you contact information up to date

All domain registrars will send email to domain owner at least 30 days prior domain expire date, some registrars send reminder email 60 days in advanced. But if you really FORGOT or have technical challenge to renew it, you still have one last chance to recover the domain before it’s deleted and potentially re-registered by a domain catcher.

Usually domain registrars will give owner a grace period to renew their domain names. Some registrars will hold the domain for 30 days before it will ask the registry to remove the domain.

After 30 days the domain will go into the Redemption Grace Period. If the owner does not redeem the expired domain name during the 30-day Redemption Grace Period, then the domain name enters a Redemption Hold Period, which is five days.

After five days in Redemption Hold Period, the name will become available for re-registration to anyone.

Even if a domain expires, you still have 60 days* to get back your domain.

Days Whois Status Remark
30 * Grace Period Expired – Renewable
30 Redemption Grace Period Pending Delete – Restorable
5 Redemption Hold Period Scheduled Delete

Do take note that the length of the * grace period varies and cost to retrieve a domain name in redemption period can be very expensive. One registrar charge USD$200 just to redeem expired domain name !!

2) Auto Renew

Most registrars offer this auto renewal service, which allows you to buy domain names for a year, and auto renew it with credit card. Also, you should make sure that your payment information, such as credit card number, is most current.

3) Register your domain name for more than a year

In most cases, the domain registration costs will be lower, if you register domain names for multiple years.

Don’t risk losing your domain names by letting it expire.

This post is for OPAD Day 6.

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