Disappointed with Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card

Two months ago, around end of Dec 2007, got a call from eFusion, an authorized Credit Card sales representative of the Standard Chartered Bank to offer me the Standard Chartered Bank Business Platinum Credit Card.

I was not interested to getting any new credit card at first, because already owned a few credit cards from three local banks and Citibank.

However, the poor credit card sales rep was so desperate for some commission, he mentioned that apart of the useless free spa voucher and 3 years annual fee waived, StanChart will credited $50 to my account after 45 days of card approval. So, to help this poor sales rep, I agreed to get this card.

When I received the second month of the credit card statement today, I notice that $50 still not credit to my account yet.

Immediate, I call StanChart at 1800-7477000 to check on this matter.

Upon hearing my feedback, the customer service consultant, David, told me that the $50 Credit Bonus promotion was ended in October 2007.

Later, when I read at Standard Chartered Bank website, the $50 Credit Bonus Promotion is valid for all new-sign-ups till 31 January 2008. This mean that I’m eligible for the S$50 credit bonus, but the phone banking customer consultant, said promotion was ended in October 2007.

Standard Chartered Business Platinum Card

What was going on?

I only agreed to apply the Business Platinum Credit Card, but last week, I received another 2 cards, Platinum Access Card and Platinum Card.

Standard Chartered Business Platinum Card

Why sent so many credit cards to me?

Some more, my name on one of the credit card and statement was WRONG. Should be NENG, instead of MENG.

After settling the current bill, I’m going to send them credit card termination letter.

I’m NOT a happy Standard Chartered customer!

Standard Chartered Bank must do something to improve their services.

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24 comments on “Disappointed with Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card
  1. Slutty says:

    Yea you should cancel it. In fact a friend had a similar problem. He got a call from the irritating customer service fellar from StanChart. For his case, although he said he was not interested, they still went ahead to send him 2 credit cards saying it was FREE. Gawd knows how they got his address. Worse still, a few months later, they sent him a letter stating that he had to pay his annual fees. He was so pissed cuz he had never applied for it and it wasnt even a yr and he was asked to pay up. StanChart is soo full of shit..So yea, do cancel!

  2. Tommy says:

    nowadays these credit card sales rep can do anything to get away with more commission and their customer ended up with more credit cards than they applied. I had similar experience with OCBC credit card sales rep. I wanted 2 but he signed me up for 3!
    Just 2 things to note. Don’t ever agree over the phone to sign up for any credit card. Secondly, don’t ever sign the all-in-one credit card application forms. Even though u only tick one credit card you wanted to apply, the sales rep will tick another extra 2 more for you. That’s to maximize their commission because every time,one can apply for 3 credit cards.

  3. hanneng says:

    Thanks Slutty & Tommy,

    I’m going to send credit card cancellation letter today

  4. Victor says:

    I encountered similar prob as well. Name wrongly printed. 2 years wavier not credited into the system and asked me for the application charge when they send me the 1st bill.

    I am not going to get another standchart card anyway. Hardly see any promotions that are tagged to their cards.

  5. Daniel says:

    You might want to spell Chartered correctly on the blog post so it comes out when it is Googled.

    Will hurt them a lot more. ^^

  6. motd says:

    Yours is not really a big issue. At least they didn’t charge you annual fees in their first statement.

    I was charged over 1.5k for the 3 new cards I got from them. Took them 3 months and countless calls in the middle of the night to get it resolved.

    Annual fees came in again. Going to terminate all 3 cards.

  7. iCalvyn says:

    most of the custormer service now a days have no up to date knowledge. I face before few case on maxis, their service suck.

    Same to publicbank card center, when i ask about withdraw fund from paypal, they seen like never heard paypal before.

    The best way is to send them email, ask them find some one who have knowledge to contact you back.

    I done before, it works

  8. Thomas says:

    Careful with them. I did not manage to pay them in time and they are taking things away from my home. I managed to negeotiate with other banks and they can give me instalment plan but this bank propose high instalments which is out to kill. To me, they are not ethical but when they ask you to sign up a new card, they have another “face”. Just be careful when you deal with them because there are so many choices in Singapore to take a credit card. Then you speak to them and they do not listen at all. Just follow procedures.

  9. Teo says:

    SXXKs standard Chartered. looks like a lot facing same issue like me… i applied the credit card last year where it promise 3 years waive annual fees. The damn agent sign me up to 4 cards!!! curse him… now i get charged 700 due to that even though i did not use 3 of them. i called and emailed… what the response is the card only waive for a year… sorry no more standard Chartered for me this life!!!

  10. celebeb says:

    Guys can you post here a sample termination letter. I also need it to terminate my 3 new Standard chartered credit cards that sent to me few days ago.

  11. willow dan says:


    Anyone from the Philippines here? Now I’m having second thoughts about SCB because of your stories. I just recently applied a card, and I might end up having same stories as you have.


  12. SCB says:

    Yeah man… Stupid banks calls me 3 times a week. NUMBER 1 culprit Standard Chartered Bank using eFusion calls me everyweek even after telling them NO NO NO!!! I think someone from SCB is relative to the eFusion owner keep on outsourcing to them do this kindof things. Now I’ll NEVER bank with them.

  13. Partha says:

    I have critical issue with Standered Chartered card, I was not using the card for long time as they are quite thief to steel my money, They demanded my 1.6K suddenly. I paid the amount and asked for the closing of the card but they are not closing it. Even, the horrible customer care says different statement every day about the same. Its very unfortunate thing for everyone. My cordial request, dont go for Standard chartered card ever, You will never be happy with them. I have credit card from almost all the bank but I found, Standard Chartered card is the most unstandered. Be careful please.

  14. Kishore says:

    I agree with you that Standard chartered has lousy customer service. They abuse the customers on the phone and are not trained to speak to customers. I am suffering in thier hands for months now. When I told I will make a payment, they did not bother getting back to me with the outstanding, and now every month I get a call from them, where I have to expain my story again and again. Now they have started threatening me saying I will be listed in the defaulters list.

  15. r k devale says:

    i had been offerd a card of your bank i did not use it for even a single transaction till date i was not informed about the usage of card, that is i should use it for rs 250/- at first month any how as i was not well i could not use it . I had not been sent any monthly staemnet also and suddenly amount of rs 650/- was charged to me.I was not in position to use the card as i was not well and awas hospitalised, hence still to avoid any further complications i paid the bill .
    I sinderely feel that i was taxed and not given proper guidance by your executives. This resulted in not using of your crfedit card, if you shall wave off the charges i shall be intrested in using it once more , considering the present scenario of marketI think you shall consider my request for the waving of charges and allowing the credit balance in my staement pl reply
    my credit card no SCB TITANIUM CARD 5546-2329-0103-6987 PL COSIDER AAND REPLY
    on emailrkdevale @rediffmail.com

  16. Desmond Tay says:

    Guys, my case was even worse, I opened 2 accounts with Standard Chartered Bank SCB Singapore USD and SGD last year after my return from my posting in jakarta for 16 years. on 23 Feb I did a forex transaction (sell USD to SGD) with my so called customer relationship officer Miss Tas from their Battery office on the 23 Feb and my SGD account was supposed to be credited on the 25 Feb as promised but it never did.

    I have issued a cheque to a friend and since I have been repeated checking my SGD account and found money was not in, I kept telling my friend to hold on to the cheque so my personal credibility has suffered.

    And since I could not wait any longer, I used my Rupiah account in Jakarta to convert to SGD to pay him, resulting my loss in exchange rate.

    Then, suddenly I received a deposit slip on 20 March advsing my SGD account was accreidted on 18 March, a long wait of over 20 days and the slip is without client initial, although the dotted line has asked for the same.

    I immedaitely called Tas for explaination, she said it’s Friday and can only revert to me on Monday. She knew her mistake and offered me in one of her sms “what can I make up to you” as this is due to “documentary error””

    In another of her sms, she said I did not suffered any loss as the day the SGD was credited was in my favor. Who determines this? The Client or the bank?

    I asked for immediate explaination and she said she will ask her superior to call me on Monday 23 Feb, I told her to be prompt and she said that I was being “unreasonable”.

    Her colleague called and in her words she admitted that Tas “did not put in the deal in time” but I wanted everything documented properly and I wrote in to her supeior Mr koh and 2 days later my case was referred to Mr Gilbert.

    Again after some days’of investigations, Gilbert replied to me in his e mail that this is due to “human error” and my e mail exchanges with him, I demanded to be compensated but it was turned down and my emails are always not replied promptly.

    I have posted my questions on my very first e mail and have not been taken and answered seriously but the only excuse was “human error”and “docuymentary error”
    1. Why the long wait of over 20 days before a conversion is done.
    2. How does the bank define “documentary errors”? Is this normally used to cover up mistake like this. he has been repeatedly telling me that this is due to “documentary error”
    3. On the deposit slip that your bank has credited SGD into my account, there is no “client initial”, is this a normal practise that without the signature of the client, the bank has the right to do conversion at the time and rate that the bank wishes
    3. How does the bank wish to compensate me on the loss of my Rupiah/SGD exchange loss
    4. How does the bank wish to compensate me on the loss of opportunity that I could convert the SGD/USD at a more favourable rate?
    5. How does the bank wish to compensate me on my loss of personal credibility by asking my friend not to bank in the cheque?

    NO proper answers was given, I have left my mobile no, nobody seems interested to call, and after reading your irritating calls from Standard Chartered Bank Credit card sales rep, I come to a conclusion that Standard Chartered Bank is a bank which is only interested to sell, when come to problem, they will just play delaying tactic and does not give proper answer to the mistake that they make, let alone asking for compensation.

    As Gilbert rightly pointed that the bank has caused me ïnconvienence” and “änxiety”, no mention about their willingness to settle the case and compensate me.

    I aksed to seek the opportunity to write and speak to Gilber’s high authority, and have yet to receive any response

    I have decided to close all my accounts but there were some issues like my son’s Childrean Development account and other Giro arrangements that need some time to be set up with another bank, no one seems to be interested to pay me a visit or call to assist.

    This again show that Standard Chartered Bank only interested in achieving a sales result but not willing to assist when you want to get out.

    Guys, let’s face it, we are up against a Giant. Standard Chartered Bank has 150 years successful years in Singapore, I do not think that this message will create any damage in their name.

    But will this Giant look into the case seriously and give me proper answer, rather than “documentary error”or “human error”, as this case has resulted me not only financail losses but also damage in my personal credibility in asking my friend to hold on to my cheque, the damage coulc be worse if I did not check on line and that my friend has bank in his cheaque.

    Standard Chartered Bank, being called “unreasonable” for a grave mistake that you made when demanding a prompt explaination, is a personal insult to me.

    Angry customer of Standard Chartered Bank

  17. Artemis says:

    I have a instalment account with them and in March 2009, my balance was S$165.74. Despite that, the minimum payment the statement was S$190?!?! I paid S$168 taking into account any interest that may have occurred and guess what? In April 2009, they charged me a late charge of S$40 so that my new balance is S$37.74 but the most laugable is that the new minimum balance is S$212. I really don’t understand what kind of crap billing system they have man.


    good pm. i am planning to close my account due to high charges and over due interest. its almost four months since and its getting bigger each month. please allow me to settle my accounts by means of only paying the actual price that i buy. and after that am willing to close my account because its givin me a hard time each month.

  19. Marc says:

    This is of no fault of the telemarketer, so u should just bring this up to the Standard Chartered Bank, because its the fault of the Customer Service Hotline staff for inadequate training, as well as poor product knowldege.

    I recently got approved the Business Platinum card too, if you have not cancelled, you should keep the card, because they have got pretty good corporate rates for hotels.

  20. Julie says:

    This is appaling… I’ve had an unpleasant encounter too. Now i know im not the only one.

    Somewhere early this year I searched the internet for banks that offers personal loan. Stumbled upon SCB website and was enticed by the free PSP upon successful application.

    However, when I received the approval the PSP never came. I called them and ask about it, they said the promotion had ended. I couldn’t cancel the application as the loan had been credited to my savings account and need to pay penalty if i wish to terminate.

    Nevermind about the free gift…. the loan account comes with a platinum card with 5 yrs annual fees waived. And months later when I applied for my home loan the sales rep made me sign another credit card application form insisting it’s another type of card. The bank sent me another platinum card but shares the same credit limit with the previous card! Why would i want to keep so many cards for the same account? If I never cancel the second card, they might charge me 2x annual fees after the free waiver period.

  21. KIRIT M RAO says:

    i want to outstanding amount of my visacard number 4129 0370 8188 1989

  22. Lisley says:

    currently, i encounter a bad services from SCB Management. They told me if you are unhappy with SCB, closed the account with us immediately. This occurred in May’2010. I have hold SCB credit card since 1996 which is now 16 years loyalty to SCB. In Apr’2010, one of the other overseas bank offered me a higher customer credit limits & gave me the gold credit card. As such, I was disappointed with it where after holding for 16 years, SCB never revise my credit limits to my SCB credit card. As such, I called up to SCB to find out what happen ? The SCB credit evaluation management team do NOT do their work properly by searching the credit status of SCB Cardholders. If they search properly, they would able to do the revise credit limits to it’s cardholders, and no communication to me. SCB then send me the GOLD Card to replace my classic card automatically. I rejected the GOLD CARD and cancelled it.
    Besides, SCB reject the temporary increase of limit for me to travel to overseas, for the reason where SCB already revised your limits permanently after I called up to express my disappointment on the credit limits. Their reason is very simple, SCB management can NOT give you any more temporary increase of limits. If you can NOT pay for your hotel bills in overseas, then don’t use SCB credit cards and don’t need to bring SCB card with me along to overseas.
    Next week, I will be travelling to overseas, I wonder who can pay for my hotel bills in overseas ? Luckily, my new card from other Bank came on time. I will bring my new other bank’s card to overseas to solve my issues. This new card’s bank offer me with temporary increase of limits by another 50% more limits given to me. As such, I am now happily bring my new credit cards from other bank and utilised it for my shopping as well.
    This shows that how bad is the SCB Management Team nowsaday as compared to 10 years ago.
    SCB does not care about loyalty customers for 16 years, why should you wants to apply for SCB credit card anymore ??? Please think over, apply other banks, other banks will still offer a better services & benefit as well.

  23. JC says:

    My this first-month using their Credit Card. When I miss the 1st month payment due to overseas trip, the bank suspends my card without any notification. It caused me lose face in front of the guests when the transaction could not go through repeatedly. This bank is very strict by policy when I called to inquire. Unlike other banks having SMS notify of payment due date and overdue payment, this bank is not customer-oriented. Unhappy about it and going to terminate it…

  24. Alvin says:

    This is the second time in a week I called to waive my SCB credit card annual fee, but they said it is still u under appeal. Hope they will waive it off. I was conned by sale guy saying you just have to call the customer service to waive the annual fee.

    Waiving the fee is so much a hassle in SCB credit card. Bu the way, my paid insurance thru SCB credit card every months.

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