Deploy an WordPress app to GCP VM using ServerPilot

In previous post, I walk you thru to connect your VM instance to ServerPilot, you can deploy a WordPress with just one click. Really fast and easy.

In ServerPilot, click the +Create App.

Firstly, name you app and enter your site’s domain.
Select the PHP version and the VM inserver you want WordPress to be deployed. You may also select serverpilot as system user.

Create an App in ServerPilot

Now, click to tick the mark next to WordPress. Enter site title, WordPress administrator username, a password, and an email address for setup confirmation. Click on Create App to submit the form.

That’s all, WordPress is installed. Everything done is just a few minute.
ServerPilot WordPress Install Completed

Before you can log into your WordPress, remember to update DNS A record to point to the VM instance server.

With ServerPilot, it’s really easy to deploy many apps on hybrid/multi-cloud environment.

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