Create Project in Google Cloud Platform

When managing the Google Cloud Platform, first thing is to create a Project.

All Google Cloud Platform services are associated with a Project and you’ll be able to:
1) Track resource and quota usage
2) Enable billing
3) Manage permission and credentials
4) Enable services and API

Projects are identified three ways
1) Project name – A friendly name to describe the project
2) Project ID – A string that must be unique in all the world
3) Project Number – GCP will assign each project a unique number

The project ID and project number cannot be changed. It is recommended that use meaningful name when creating project ID for manageability. A typical project ID naming convention might use the following pattern:

[company]-[group/department]-[environment (dev, test, uat, stage, prod)]

$ gcloud projects create contoso-hr-dev –name=”Contoso HR Development Project”

Google Cloud Platform create project cli

Use gcloud projects list to show Projects.
Google Cloud Platform list project

Use gcloud projects delete to delete a Project
Google Cloud Project list delete project

Project Permissions
Each project can have multiple owners, editors, and viewers. There can also be multiple billing administrators. Remember, each project is attached to a billing account which is attached to a credit card or bank account. A billing administrator can manage these accounts and control which projects are attached to which billing accounts.

Google Cloud Platform Project
[image source: Google]

gcloud projects

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