Cleaning My Keyboard

A research by the University of Arizona shown that your keyboard is more dirty than your toilet.

Anthony has cleaned his computer’s keyboard last week.

I’m showing you how I did mine.

Keyboards can get dirty very easily. You see, so dusty …
Cleaning My Keyboard

Place the screwdriver under the key, and gently lift the every key off from the keyboard. This image I took after unplug all the keys.
Cleaning My Keyboard

Don’t forget to arrange all the keys position, so that you won’t have trouble putting them back correctly.
Cleaning My Keyboard

Use the air pressure cleaning spray to remove any dust and debris from inside the keyboard.
Cleaning My Keyboard

Use some cotton buds to clean the sides of the keyboard.
Cleaning My Keyboard

Spend some time to clean all the keys, clean each one individually with the cloth and cleaning fluid, and then wipe them with the dry cloth.

Put the keys back on position and press firmly until it clicks home.

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