Chinese New Year Traditional Sweets

Went to Yu Hwa Store at Chinatown to buy hot and spicy steamboat soup paste.

Passing the festive street bazaar at Pagoda Street, I saw some stalls selling traditional Chinese sweets of dried lotus root (佳偶天成), date (红运当头), kiwi ï¼ˆé‡‘çŽ‰æ»¡å ‚ï¼‰, ginger ï¼ˆä¸‡å¯¿æ— ç–†ï¼‰, lotus seed (连生贵子), persimmon (金银财宝)and many more.

Chinese New Year Sweets

Chinese New Year Sweets

Chinese New Year Sweets

Each Chinese sweets and cookies has its own meaning for the lunar new year.

Do you like it or not?

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2 comments on “Chinese New Year Traditional Sweets
  1. seangchin says:

    The boss give a very good name for his products.

  2. keeyit says:

    Sweets is a must have item during chinese new year. Sweets indicates Happiness.

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