Change Windows XP SID automatically

A customer of mine plan to perform mass rollouts of Windows XP workstation, using disk cloning tool.

She approached me to help her think of a solution to change system SID upon booting the workstation.

My idea is to use NewSID.exe from SysInternals.

1. Download the NewSID.exe into C: drive
2. Create the following batch file, name as sid.bat

@echo off
newsid.exe /a WRK-%RANDOM%
del newsid.exe
del sid.bat
del C:\”Documents and Settings”\Administrator\”Start Menu”\Programs\Startup\sid.bat

3. Place the sid.bat in Startup folder.
4. Shutdown the template workstation and start the cloning process.
5. Upon booting up the new workstation, sid.bat will start automatically, rename the workstation name using random number. And then remove itself from C: drive.

This may not be the best solution, but it’s work perfectly. Remember to read Microsoft policy that they does not support third party cloning method.

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