Build Your Own Cloud Websites or App Using Free Cloud Services

When I started developing websites way back in 2003, there really were not a lot reliable free web service providers. Many web hosting company do provide free hosting, with limited features, however they are not reliable due to over-subscribed or abused.

Recently, I’m finally getting the opportunity to explore some of the latest methods to creating websites and mobile applications, using Cloud technology.

A lot has changed since 2003, almost anyone with limited technical capabilities can build a websites on cloud with just a few clicks. So I thought I would take the time and opportunity to share some of the interesting platforms I have discovered recently.

In this post, I’ll focus on free Cloud services to host the web services. Before I begin to explain various technologies, lets see this diagram.

Build Your Own Websites or App Using Free Cloud Services

I’m using Amazon AWS to host the web applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc and store the images in Dropbox storage. I also want to personalised email service powered by Windows Live Hotmail. Lastly, we need to scale and protect our websites using Cloudflare.

More content in next post!

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