BlogCharm Closed Down and Finally Got Paid

Was informed by a friend that BlogCharm has been shutdown since 1 January 2008.

This proof that BlogCharm’s Get Paid To Blog concept has failed to attracts enough advertisers and investors to keep the site going.

BlogCharm offer bloggers to make money by inserting text ads on the top thin bar. Bloggers will receive 50% revenues generated from them.

As I remember correctly, I earned US$30 plus from BlogCharm previously and requested for payout on Jan and Sept 2007. However, I was disappointed that BlogCharm did not pay me after several weeks and then months.

In light of the BlogCharm site close down, they want to make sure all users get paid for their blogging efforts. Payments will be made to all BlogCharm bloggers who have earned a minimum of US $10.00 and have made a payment request through the official site.

BlogCharm Closed Down

After 3 days of validate my email with them, finally got paid to PayPal today.

Earning money on the internet is not easy. We’ve seen websites come and go, some sites run for a year or two and then the business folded when they run out of money.

Like I told a friend recently, running any Web 2.0 startups, must be supported by a sound business plan.

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