Best Low Cost Web Hosting from Alibaba Cloud

Many webmaster or tech blogger will tell you that good web host is a must for all websites and blogs. However, for most of the small websites and personal blogs will run just fine on cheaper web hosting plans.

One such service provider is Alibaba Cloud.

Their currently offers $0.99 per month and you get the following:
5GB Web Space
512MB Memory
1GB MySql version 5.6
50GB Data Transfer/Month
1000 Concurrent Connections
Free Alibaba Cloud DNS

You can host 1 website and assign 30 alias domain name on this plan.
Other technical specification:
Aliyun Linux 7.2 (Compatible with Red Hat)
PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, html
Apache 2.4

There is no cPanel, however, you can have a few basic configuration options.
Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting Control Panel

Also, you can host your website on US West or Hong Kong data center depending on your targeted audience.

What type of website is suitable on this low cost web hosting plan?

  • Website portals for small and medium-sized companies
  • Use WordPress to set up your own blog on Web Hosting.
  • Set up a small e-commerce website.
  • Install a Joomla to set up content and news-based websites.

I would recommend you to try out Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting

Please drop me a message, if you need help to setup Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting.

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