Bad Prometric Testing Experience at NTUC CertCentral

This morning, I went to NTUC CertCentral Prometric Test Center at Redhill Road, which is 5 minutes walk from my home, to take Microsoft exam 70-646 for Windows Server 2008.

My scheduled exam time is 10:30am. Since I arrived at the Prometric Test Center 20 minutes early, and decided to sit for the exam before the scheduled time.

The facilities at NTUC CertCentral Test Center is quite new, new PCs, LCDs, air-con room is quite cooling and look like I’m making a smooth start in this exam.

NTUC CertCentral

As usual, we have to click YES to accept all Terms & Conditions and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Just after I clicked Start to load the exam data into the computer, some Program Not Found error pop-up on the Windows XP machine.

I was escort out from the exam room by the proctor while NTUC CertCentral’s staff contacting Prometric to rectify the software problem. After waiting for 20 minutes, I was allowed to enter the exam room to continue the exam.

When I was almost finishing the exam, the NTUC CertCentral’s staff told everyone in the room that they have to SHUTDOWN all computers, because they are facing some problems in their Internet connection. They need to do an urgent maintenance. (WTF!!)

This time round, all of us (3 persons) have to leave the exam room.

At that moment, my feeling was like sian and no mood. sian arrrr!!

We waited for more than an hour for their engineer to resolve the network issues. Luckily, the proctor is able to reload my exam back with my answers.

Long story short. I passed 70-646 exam today and was very happy to get it done.

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