Azure and Ali Cloud services comparison

A comparison between Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
Public cloud is still evolving and both Alibaba Cloud and Azure is introducing new products and services from time to time.

Alibaba CloudAzure
Elastic Compute Service (ECS)Virtual Machines
Elastic GPU ServiceVirtual Machines N-series
Auto ScalingVirtual Machine Scale Sets
Server Load BalancerLoad Balancer
Container ServiceAzure Container Service (AKS)
Container Instances
Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)Azure Service Fabric
Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC)N/A
Storage & CDN
Object Storage Service (OSS)Blob storage
Table StoreTable storage
Alibaba Cloud CDNContent Delivery Network
Network Attached Storage (NAS)File Storage
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Virtual Network
Express ConnectExpressRoute
NAT GatewayN/A
Server Load BalancerLoad Balancer
Elastic IPReserved IP
VPN GatewayVPN Gateway
ApsaraDB for RDSSQL Database
ApsaraDB for RedisAzure Redis Cache
ApsaraDB HybridDB for PostgreSQLAzure Database for PostgreSQL
ApsaraDB for MongoDBAzure Cosmos DB
Data Transmission Service (DTS)Data Factory
Anti-DDoS BasicAzure DDoS Protection
Anti-DDoS ProAzure DDoS Protection
Mobile SecurityN/A
Web Application Firewall (WAF)Integrated in Application Gateway
Server GuardLog Analyticsin OMS
SSL Certificates ServicePart of Azure App Service
Monitoring & Management
CloudMonitorAzure Monitor
Resource Access Management (RAM)Azure Active Directory
Key Management Service (KMS)Key Vault
Domains & Website
Web HostingWeb Apps
Cloud DNS(Domain Name System)Azure DNS
Analytics & Big Data
Elastic MapReduce (E-MapReduce)HDInsight
MaxComputeSQL Data Warehouse
Data Lake Store
DataWorksData Factory
Quick BIPower BI Embedded
Application Service
Message ServiceNotification Hubs
API GatewayAPI Management
Log ServiceLog Analytics
DirectMailN/A. Third party SMTP service is available in Azure Marketplace
Media Services
ApsaraVideo LiveMedia Services

Do let me know if you agree or disagree on the comparison table.

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