Axioo, Where is the Pipe key?

Carrefour is having 10% store wide discount when you charge to your POSB Everyday Credit Card. (5% direct discount plus 5% POSB cash rebates).

I am very tempted to buy the Axio Pico DJJ616 netbook at S$449 (after 10% discount). So, during the lunch time, I was at the display counter to look-see look-see and touch-touch the Axio Pico netbook, then realized that the keyboard layout is quite different.

Where is the Pipe key?

The pipe key is a commonly used key to to link the output of several commands together.

Normally, the Pipe key is located upper-right side. But in this keyboard, Axioo shifted the Pipe key to lower-left. Very unfriendly to Linux users.

Axioo Pico

By the way, if you’re looking for budget 10.2-inch netbook, you might want to consider this Axioo Pico DJJ616

Atom N270 1.6GHz
160GB SATA Harddisk
Wireless b/g
1.3-Megapixel camera
3 cell battery

What do you think of this local laptop brand?

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One comment on “Axioo, Where is the Pipe key?
  1. paul says:


    just visited ur site when i googled to search for some stuff. You posted really cool stuff like the smrt rebates etc etc. Nice.

    btw, if you are still lookin for a netbook, buying from carrefour might not be the best. Price looks good but u are limited by the specs.

    I was eyeing the same model but then the 3-cell batt killed the interest. Wanted something more like more ram and freebies. The IT Show in march 09 (slightly past your posting date) had some good deals.

    At the end, I got the Lenovo Idea Pad for $649 with 2.5Gb Ram, 160GB space, the usual Atom processor plus freebies like thumbdrive and slip case.

    PC Show 09 is now on over this weekend. Do pop over if you are still keen on buyin.


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