Amazon Cheque

After waiting for more than a week, finally received a cheque from Amazon.

The amount is small, just US$119.06, but a good start to make money from Amazon Affiliate marketing is a alternate way to earn extra income. Just a few hours per week, and even generate income when I sleep.

Amazon Cheque

any ideas which Singapore bank offer lower foreign cheques clearance fee?

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4 comments on “Amazon Cheque
  1. cijay says:

    Wow, after having spent one year, I earned nothing from Amazon affiliates. Care to share abit on the best method to get some income?

  2. Yeo Shan Ping says:


    This is your fellow affiliate marketer from Singapore. I am still waiting for my first amazon cheque to arrive… and it has been more than one month since Amazon sent out the first cheque. May i ask that when you receive your first amazon cheque, how long did it take since the time they sent it out ?

  3. Farrukh Rashid says:

    I also got 2nd cheque from But the problem is that I have to open a foreign currency account in order to deposit the cheque and according to the Bank representative 50-70% of total amount would be deducted for transaction. Is there any way I can contact so that I can receive payment through Telex Transfer as there is no such information on after I sign in nor did I receive any email from them.


  4. hanneng says:

    HI Farrukh,

    I just deposit the Amazon cheque into an Citibank credit card.

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