AliCloud SSD Server for US$30 per instance per year

Currently, Alibaba Cloud is running a promotion for SSD Cloud Server.
For just US$30 a year, you’ll get an ECS instance of 1 Core CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4), 1GB DDR4 Memory, 40GB
SSD Disk and 1TB Data Transfer.

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Alibaba Cloud ECS SSD Cloud Server US30 per year

This only applies to ECS instances deployed in US West, US East, EU Central and Australia regions.

Once you’ve selected the operating system image and datacenter region, click confirm for payment. Including tax, total will be US$32.10.

Alicloud ECS SSD Cloud Server US30 per year

Somehow, I felt that Alibaba Cloud payment system is not really stable. I was getting this payment error.
Alibaba Cloud ECS SSD Cloud Server US30 payment error
I got the same payment error when creating an ECS instance few days ago, I thought it was just one-time occurance.
Anyway, the order item does show up correctly at the Billing Management console.

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