Alicloud ECS Instance Performance Test

Firstly, let see the processor used for the this Linux instance hosted in Alibaba Cloud Singapore Zone B datacenter.

This is the instance I created in the first post. It is a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2682 v4 @ 2.50GHz processor
ECS Instance Processor

Disk Write/Read Speed Test
Now, using a dd command to test the write speed of a disk.
I ran the test 3 times and this is the result. The result is between 110MB/s and 117MB/s.
AliCloud ECS Instance write speed test

The file tempfile created by the previous command was cached in a buffer, so we have to clear cache to get the actual speed.
AliCloud ECS Instance read speed test

Next is Speed Test
There is a simple speedtest script that will help me check the upload and download speeds.

wget -O speedtest-cli

Here are some speedtest results from the various randomly picked location.
Singtel (Singapore)
AliCloud ECS SpeedTest Singapore

Vadafone,UK, London
AliCloud ECS SpeedTest London UK

Optus Sydney
AliCloud ECS SpeedTest Sydney Australia

ASEINet Tokyo
AliCloud ECS SpeedTest Toyko Japan

Hangzhou,China (Alibaba home ground)
AliCloud ECS SpeedTest Hangzhou China

The speed are vary from one location to another. Choose your datacenter regions appropriately when building your ECS instance.

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