Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service

Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service

SSL Certificate is very important for any website.

But what is SSL?
SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server (your website) and a user’s browser.

Why is SSL important?
1) It adds a layer of security that keeps your customers’ data private. This gives customers peace of mind when they doing business on your website. When a customer trusting your website, they will definitely be more willing to do online transactions with your business, for example, online shopping, login to the membership site or using the contact forms.

2) Starting from Oct 2017, Google is giving higher preference to websites with SSL certificate in the search results. Google wants to make users feel secure while using the internet as well as improve the user experience.
With SSL certificate implemented, your website will get higher SEO ranking and thus making your websites more visible on the Internet.

Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificate

How can to implement SSL certificate?
Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service allows business to apply, purchase and manage SSL certificates on Alibaba Cloud portal easily.

One of the greater benefits of using Alibaba Cloud to manage SSL certificate is a single portal to manage all your digital certificates for optimal cost efficiency.

Setting up SSL certificate on your website is very easy. Basically, just follow these simple steps:
1) Buy a Certificate from Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificate Services
2) Activate the certificate
3) Download the certificate
4) Install the certificate on the web server

Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificate Service

If you’re interested in getting an SSL certificate to protect your website, contact me today.

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