Alibaba Cloud Monitoring with Site24x7

Site24x7 offers website monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring, Real User Monitoring and Application Performance Management.

Setting up Alibaba Cloud ECS monitoring with Site24x7

At the Server Monitor console, click on the + sign to add a new server.
Alibaba cloud Site24x7 Add Server Monitor

You can follow One-Step Installation or manual procedure to install the Linux agent.

I am showing manual way of Linux agent installation

sudo wget
sudo chmod 755 Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install
sudo ./Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i -key=

Manual Procedure to the Linux agent

After a few minutes, the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance monitoring statistics information will be shown on the console.
alibaba cloud ECS Site24x7 Server Summary

Site24x7 is able to effectively track the functioning of my Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. It offers detailed performance metrics of the critical applications. I can know the performance of all ECS instances environment in one dashboard, like detect performance outages by viewing the top servers based on CPU, memory, network, disk usage and more.

Site24x7 offers complete infrastructure and end-user experience monitoring spanning public and private clouds, all in one console.

To experience it first-hand, just sign up with this site24x7 free offer, and you’ll get access to an account worth $468, with which you can monitor 40 servers or internet resources free for a year.

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