Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery Backup Files from On-Premises Server

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Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a fully managed storage and backup service, HBR provide an efficient, secure, cost-effective service.

System administrator can use a file client to back up files from local servers or virtual machines and quickly restore files when as and when is needed.

In today tutorial, we will cover the following:
First thing first, let’s ensure all the Hybrid Backup Recovery prerequisites are met.

  1. Create RAM users and Access Key
    Resource Access Management (RAM) is to manage user access to Alibaba Cloud resources. An Access Key is required when activating the backup client.

  2. Install and activate a client. The client support both 32-bit/64-bit Linux and Windows operating system.

On the Hybrid Backup Recovery console, select a region where to store backup data. On the left-side pane, choose On-Premises Backup > File Client.
Hybrid Backup Recovery select region create file client

Click on Create Client. Configure the mandatory settings, like Backup Vault Name, Client Name, Software Platform and Network Type. Click Create to proceed. Download the client and install to the host server.

Once the file client is downloaded, go ahead to install and activate the client at the host server.
Hybrid Backup Recovery Install and activate a client

After the client installation is completed, client activation is required. On the Hybrid Backup Recovery console, input the mandatory fields, such as Client IP Address, AccessKey Id, AccessKey Secret, Client Password. Click on Activate Client to complete the process.

When HBR client is activated, backup job can be managed from Hybrid Backup Recovery console.
Hybrid Backup Recovery Client activated

On the next post, we will configure a backup plan and backup policy to protect the data.

Should you need understand more on the Hybrid Backup Recovery, do drop me a message on the contact me form and I am happy to help.

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