Alibaba Cloud Elastic IP (EIP) and Public IP Comparison

If an ECS instance needs to provide external services, you can allocate a public IP for it when creating the ECS instance.

A public IP will be allocated when the selected Network Bandwidth Peak is larger than 0, while Elastic IP (EIP) can purchase and possess independently.

Alibaba Cloud Public IP

Here is the comparison table of Elastic IP (EIP) and Public IP

Elastic IP (EIP)Public IP
Support Network EnvironmentVPCClassic Network
Can be purchase separatelyYesNo
Dynamically binding and unbinding to and from ECS instancesYesNo
IP assignmentEIP can be purchased separatelyautomatically assigned when an instance is created or when the 0 Mbps bandwidth is upgraded
Release IPYesWhen the ECS instance is released
Viewed on the NIC NoYes
Number of IP per instance11

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