Alibaba Cloud DNS

Alibaba Cloud DNS is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System that provides authoritative DNS servers and DNS management services. Alibaba Cloud DNS uses globally distributed databases, and synchronizes your data to global servers in real time. This ensures that all queries are rapidly responded to by the server in closest geographic proximity.

To use Alibaba Cloud DNS is quite easy.
Goto Alibaba Cloud DNS console, click on Add Domain Name
Alibaba Cloud DNS Add Domain Name

Enter a domain name and click on Confirm to continue.

After a domain name is added to the list, next is to update NS server to point to
Alibaba Cloud DNS Change DNS Server

Once the NS Server is validated by Alibaba Cloud, you can add DNS record to it to enable the service.
Alibaba Cloud DNS Add Record

Alibaba Cloud DNS support all DNS record type.
Alibaba Cloud DNS DNS record type

Pay attention to a few configuration settings which are unique to Alibaba Cloud. These settings are not available in other DNS providers such as Cloudflare.
Alibaba Cloud DNS ISP line
Alibaba Cloud DNS uses multiple backend connections to deliver intelligent GEO DNS services. That is, based on the visitor’s IP address, the most optimal resolution address is returned to allow users a fast and smooth access user experience.

For example, if a visitor is identified as a China Unicom user, the domain name is resolved to the IP address of the China Unicom server. If a visitor is identified as a China Telecom user, the domain name is resolved to the IP address of the China Telecom server.

You must specify an ISP line when adding a record. Alibaba Cloud DNS supports the following ISP lines:
China Telecom
China Mobile
China Unicom
CERNET (China Education and Research Network).
World Line (non-China based lines and specified at three different levels: the world, a continent, or a country).

Other than that, the rest are quite pretty easy to configure.

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