Advertlets Exclusive Program

As you already know, Advertlets now launched its exclusive program; This is The Advertlets Network or TITAN for short.

At first glance, this exclusive program looks promising.

Once you’re in TITAN, you’ll be offer ads placements and sponsored posts, and guaranteed minimum ads income based on your traffic and blog marketability.

Based on the latest post from Josh, Advertlets has secured a few online advertising campaigns for the next 3 months from the Asia Pacific region, such as China, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, India, etc.

That’s mean once you join TITAN, you immediately can start earning from online ads.

With Advertlets, they’ve promised better earning opportunities and to pay minimum amount to you, so you won’t have to worry about no ads coming from NuffNang or Blog2U.

As long as your blog has traffic, you shouldn’t be any problem making some dollars from Advertlets.

Advertlets will collect data from the visitors of many blogs and shows that attractive and large number to attract advertisers to get more deals.

From my understanding, Advertlets also will start a blog aggregator or social bookmarking service, which will help bloggers to generate more traffic.

Quite lots of Adverlets members are asking for referral program actually. Now, you’ve the opportunity to earn more from your friends.

However, details of the exclusive program are not announced yet, it’s should be out in March 2008.

Will you switch to Advertlets exclusively?

This is post for OPAD Day 14

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2 comments on “Advertlets Exclusive Program
  1. iCalvyn says:

    yeah, i am in this program… hope this really works, cos i earn nuts from nuffnang….

  2. answerstash says:

    I have recently started using Advertlets and i am sure after sometime i will surely start making some handsome money from this.

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