Advertlets Disaster – Josh Forgot To Renew Its Domain Name

Whois records shown that has expired on 04-Jan-2008 (Yesterday) and Josh & Associates forgot to renew their valuable assets.

Basically, all ads served by is down, because the domain name is inactive mode.

You have to remove Advertles ads code from your blogs. If you don’t, your websites will auto forward to registrar’s domain parking page.

This is a big disaster for Adverlets in the beginning of the year.

Advertlets Disaster

Advertlets Disaster

My comments:

1) Why Josh & Associates only paid 1 year domain registration fees?

Usually, company will pay domain registration fees in advance, to keep the company assets as long as possible.

2) Someone in Josh & Associates never check their email josh email

Usually, one month before the domain name going to expire, domain registrar will send email reminder to domain owner. Look like, someone never check the email account.

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Update 06 Jan:
Will You Use Advertlets Again? Take the pool.

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16 comments on “Advertlets Disaster – Josh Forgot To Renew Its Domain Name
  1. WishBoNe says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. chengsun says:

    no wonder i keep finding my browser kena linked to some parking site, i tot my comp kena spyware again. so it is advertlets again…

  3. wft says:

    Advertlets getting ready to run away with our money?

    This is going to cause a big stir with so many sites running advertlets ads. Nuffnang and Nufflets time to shoot back!

  4. blogposta says:

    Sigh, once again Josh Lim of Josh Lim and Associates strikes again. He is well known for being notorious and not living up to his word, pulling pranks and unethical stunts.

    Many a time he has masqueraded to post “nice things” about himself. He tries to gain popularity by signing up for programs like Fear Factor (phew, he was knocked out after not being able to scale the Sunway Pyramid!).

    Yes, he did forget to pay his domain renewal fees – I personally know the people at the hosting company and they have confirmed that the regular reminder notices went out, but went unheeded.

    Anyhow, if anyone wants to give him a call to “remind” him to pay up, his mobile phone number is 6012-3995674

  5. aplink says:

    The trouble continues for blog advertising providers, Nuffnang had more than fair share last year, now it seems it’s Advertlets turn. Could a $1.00 tax be enough to pay the domain registration fee…lets hope its sorted soon

  6. hanneng says:

    I already sent SMS to Josh’s business partner in Singapore to get him renew asap.

    Hopefully, Advertles will be up in 48 hours.

  7. baba12 says:

    who is josh business partner in singapore? they have no office here leh.

  8. Paddy Tan says:

    Josh just contacted me after I sms him. Apparently it was some hiccups on the renewal process. Not that they forgot to renew.

    They working with the relevant company on this now.

  9. Josh Lim says:

    blogposta: Someone obviously doesn’t watch TV. I made it all the way to the third round on Fear Factor, btw. I know who you are, no need to be anonymous.

    To all: I can be reached at 0123119141 or 0123995674 should there be any questions.

    Rest assured, we are working on the domain issue and it should be resolved shortly. There was a complication regarding the renewal and we expect it to be back online very soon.

  10. hanneng says:

    Thanks Paddy.

    You really have to give us good explanation for this incident.

  11. LLY says:

    Oh, at first I thought Advertlets closed down sia:

    I never knew Advertlets ad units has the power to redirect our blogs to somewhere else =X

    Hope Josh fix it asap!

  12. IcedNyior says:

    for some bizzare reason, even tho i deleted adverlets ads from my blog it still redirects 🙁

    I even disabled all the plugins and used the default wordpress theme and it still redirects. Any idea why?

  13. lankapo says:

    “There was a complication regarding the renewal and we expect it to be back online very soon.”

    what kind of complication?
    a 13 year old boy can pay using paypal nowdays 🙂

  14. says:

    Hanneng, Thanks for the SMS

    I wonder how many clients can Advertlets retain after this ‘hiccup’?

  15. n says:

    no money to pay complication lor.

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