5 minutes Guide To Get Money From Singapore Government

The gorvenment will give out $4 million over 5 years in the GST Offset Package to help Singaporeans to cope with the 2% GST increase that will take effect on 1 July 2007.

This post is showing step by step to claim your money from the government.

Click on the GST Offset Package Overview to understand what is GST Offset Package and the amount you suppose yo receive.

Step 1. Get ready your One Time PIN or SingPass.

Step 2. Click Sign up for my GST Credits to start. You can login using one-time PIN which can be found at the bottom of your GST Offset Package letter or SingPass.

Step 3. Proceed to login using SingPass, because I prefer to use SingPass.

Step 4. Once you successfully login, the GST Credits amount will be shown on the screen. You can use the latest bank account on the system or specific another bank account. Other options are receive cheque or donate to charity. Double check your account number before click on Submit button.

Please note that there is an administrative fee of $4 when you cash the cheque with local bank.

GST Offset Package

Step 5. Verify again your bank account number. Confirm your request by click on Confirm button

GST Offset Package

Step 6. An acknowledge message of your sign up instruction is display. Don’t forget to click Logout button, especially if you access Internet using public computer or shared computer.

GST Offset Package

Step 7. On 01 July, check your bank account. Don’t spent on unnecessary things. You only need to Sign Up once to receice GST Offset Package from the government for the next 5 years.

Have you register?

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