40 Philosophy of 40 Successful Entrepreneurs

I just finished reading How I Made It: 40 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Made Millions

Many entrepreneurs do not want others to how they got rich or the secret of their success, much less telling people about their failures.

How I Made It reveals the successes as well as failures of 40 successful entrepreneurs as they are making more money and continue improve life of others.

In this book, 40 Successful Entrepreneurs telling how they see challenges and turn their dream into reality. They will shares what to do, how they got started, how they get funded and how they went about it.

Also, you will find how they wins business as well as lost their business.

I hope, this will inspire all of us and learn from them.

Lizzie Vann – Founder of Organix brands – create food for babies children
Personal philosophy: Live life in the present. And never forget that information is power. The power of information can change the world

Darren Richards – Founder of DatingDirect.com Britain’s largest dating services
Personal philosophy: You only get one crack at a big opportunity so make sure you recognize it and grab it with both hands.

Maria Kempinska – Founder of Jongleurs Comedy Clubs – Stand up comedy, Comedy clips, Comedy tickets
Walk regularly in your customer’s shoes

Mark Mills – Founder of Cardpoint, independent cash machine deployer
Personal philosophy: Give 100 percent to everything you do and never give up

Penny Streeter – Founder of Ambition 24 Hours
Personal philosophy: Take life one day at a time because everyday is a different day with new challenges

Derek Beevor – Founder of Road Tech Computer Systems
Personal philosophy: Nothing is impossible

Rosemary Conley
Inventor of Hip and Thigh Diet
Personal philosophy: Always have something to look forward to, someone to share it with and always try to make a difference

Raymond Gubbay
Founder of Raymond Gubbay Ltd – UK’s leading classical music promoter
Personal philosophy: I never forget that there are many more important things in the world than show business.

Trisha Mason
Founder of VEF
Personal philosophy: Life is about giving other people inspiration to do whatever they want to well. I like inspiring people to achieve things

John Mudd
Founder of Real Crisps Company – Hand Cooked Crisps
Personal philosophy: You have to be straight with people and your world has to be your bond

Mark Roy
Founder of Read Group
Personal philosophy: If you don’t ask the question, you don’t get

Mandy Haberman
Inventor of Anywayup Cup
Personal philosophy: If you think outside the box, everything is possible. Sometimes bad things happen in life but I truly believe that inside every bad thing is a brilliant new opportunity waiting to fly.

Ted Smart
Founder of The Book People
Personal philosophy: Work hard but make sure you enjoy life too. And always treat people with respect.

Mike Clare
Founder of Dreams – Britains Leading Bed Specialist
Personal philosophy: Concentrate on planning, people and passion and always live your dreams

Stephanie Manuel
Founder of Stagecoach Theatre Arts
Personal philosophy: Persistence Pays

Harry Cragoe
Founder of PJ Smoothies
Personal philosophy: Whatever you do, do it at 110 percent or don’t bother, because the result won’t please you or anyone else. And be honest in everything you do

Rory Byrne
Founder of Powder Byrne
Personal philosophy: Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary

Jane Packer
Founder of Jane Packer Flowers
Personal philosophy: Tomorrow is another day. I am forever optimistic, nothing gets me down for too long

Chris Gorman
Founder of DX Communications
Personal philosophy: Good things come to those that wait, but only the things left by those that hustle

Mark Ellingham
Founder of Rough Guides
Personal philosophy: Invent the rules

Sarah Doukas
Founder of Storm Models
Personal philosophy: Anything is achievable. Be positive, be enthusiastic, and project confidence. Make every day a good day.

Tim Roupell
Founder of Daily Bread – The Queen’s Sandwich Maker
Personal philosophy: What goes around comes around. Treat as you are treated

Mark Wilkinson
Founder of Mark Wilkinson Furniture
Personal philosophy: It is important to live life according to a moral code

Prue Leith
Founder of Leith’s
Don’t spend time with anyone you don’t like

Christopher Wray
Founder of Christopher Wray Lighting
Personal philosophy: Always look on the bright side of life

Heather Gilchrist
Founder of Happitots
Personal philosophy: Live for the moment. Don’t put off anything you can do today

Richard Beggs
Founder of Moving Venue Group
Personal philosophy: If you see your ship coming in, swim out and meet it. If you can see an opportunity, size it.

Duncan Bannatye
Founder of Bannatyne Leisure
Life is a bowl of cherries – just watch out for the pips

Angela Wright
Founder of Crealy Adventure Park
Personal philosophy: Be too busy to have time for regrets. And always look for the best in people.

Daniel Mitchell
Founder of The Source
Personal philosophy: Everything is possible. It is just a question of figuring out how.

Emma Bridgewater
Founder of Bridgewater Pottery
Personal philosophy: The worst thing you can do is hesitate. Get on with things even if you haven’t fully worked out how to do them, because even the worst case scenario may turn out to be better than you expect

Gerry Pack
Founder of Holiday Extras
Personal philosophy: Make the most every opportunity. Remember that your destiny is the result of actions.

Zahid Kasim
Founder of Café Lazeez
Personal philosophy: Inspire to aspire

Sharon Hilditch
Founder of Crystal Clear
Personal philosophy: You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough

Rik Hellewell
Founder of Ovenu Oven Cleaning
Personal philosophy: Believe in yourself. If you have self doubt you are not going to get there

Jill Barker
Founder of Green Baby
Personal philosophy: Work hard and take risks and you will be rewarded

Matt Stevenson
Founder of Reef One
Personal philosophy: Lead, don’t follow

Sally Wilton
Founder of etc Venues
Personal philosophy: Failure is not an option. Success is a result of hard work and a bit of luck

Charlie Bigham
Founder of Bighams
Personal philosophy: Enjoy what you do and take pride in it because then you will do it well.

Philip Hughes
Founder of Ice Box – UK’s leading ice sculpture, ice design and ice art specialist.
Personal philosophy: To succeed at anything in life you have to apply passion

If you have ever dream of starting business of your own, this book is for you.

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