2008 First Working Day and Taxi Fare

I’ve been following the news on taxi fare hike which starting middle of December 2007. However, I only realize how expensive the taxi fare now, when I took the cab to customer place on the first working day in 2008.

From my past months records, taxi fare from my place at Bukit Merah to Tampines traveling during peak hours, is around $17 to $19, depending on traffic condition. Usually, actual taxi fare is between $15 to $17 plus a fixed $2 peak hour surcharge. The 20+minutes taxi trip cost less than $20.

The receipt shown taxi fare below $20 on a trip on 03 Dec 2007.
Taxi Fare Hikes

Today, the morning taxi trip cost me my company $28.60. Increase more than 40% !.

Taxi Fare Hikes

The killing point is the 35% peak hour surcharge.

I hope my finance dept don’t make much noise when I summiting the taxi reimbursement.

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2 comments on “2008 First Working Day and Taxi Fare
  1. Sean says:

    Since you have the receipt for proof, the finance department should have nothing to say about it…
    Luckily I rarely take taxi…

  2. hanneng says:


    My taxi claim needs 2 level of approval, so I’ve explain to my boss to expect company transport cost to increase ..

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