11 Tricks to Write Headlines to Catch Eyeballs

11 Tricks to Write Headlines to Catch Eyeballs

1. “Oops! 22 Nutrition Mistakes & How To Avoid Them”

Template: Oops! [# Topic] Mistakes & How To Avoid Them.

2. “Thousands of Guys Reveal What Really Flips Their Switches” – Cosmopolitan

Template: [#] of [People] Reveal What Really [Does Something].

3. “14 Tricks to Melt Fat & Tone Muscle Faster”
– Women’s Health

Template: [#] Tricks to [Do Something] & [Do Something Else] Faster.

4. “How To Sell Your House For a Sweet Price”
– Money

Template: How To [Do Something Cool]

5. “The Truth About Oil“
– Time

Template: The Truth About [Something]

6. “64 Best Foods To Fuel Your Muscles Gains”
– Men’s Fitness

Template: [#] Best [Tricks,Techniques,Tips] to fuel (or boost) your [Something].

7. “Drop 5 lbs This Week Eating What You Love”
– Health

Template: [Do Something] This Week [While Doing Something Else]

8. “The Ultimate Fat Burning Plan”
– Muscle & Fitness

Template: The Ultimate [Something] Plan (or Guide)

9. “7 Reasons Your Diet’s Not Working”
– Prevention

Template: [#] Reasons Your [Something] Is Not [Doing What It’s Suppose To Do]

10. “Money Mistakes Even Smart People Make”
– Prevention

Template: [Topic] Mistakes Even Smart People Make”

11. “Easter Baking Made Simple”
– Better Homes

Template: [Something Complicated] Made Simple

Source: 11 Brilliant Headlines You Can Steal From The World’s Best Selling Magazines

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