Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service

SSL Certificate is very important for any website. But what is SSL? SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server (your website) and a user’s browser. Why is SSL important? 1) It adds a layer of security that keeps your customers’ data […]

Study Guide for Alibaba Cloud

This site is maintained by John Hanley, an Alibaba Cloud MVP United States of America Alibaba Cloud DevOps Cookbook Learning Alibaba in 7 Days Learning Curve Alibaba Cloud – by Jeff Cleverley, an Alibaba Cloud MVP from United Kingdom ALBERTO ROURA an Alibaba Cloud MVP from Spain Passing the Alibaba Cloud exams: tips and resources […]

Re-image Alibaba Cloud ECS System Disk

I do often spin up Alibaba Cloud ECS instance from time to time to evaluate new features or to run some experimental project. Usually, different project would have different set of requirements, such as operating system, software and configuration. In this tutorial, I’ll walk through how to re-image an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. Warning All […]